When it comes to taking advantage of credit cards, the key whether you want to earn points for travel or maximize your points if you want to build your credit score is knowing what will work best for you.

Never fear–there are ways to ensure that Credit cards offer you a fair shot! In this video, I will teach you what to do before applying for a card, during the application process and after getting approved.


I’ll also tackle other important considerations when dealing with credit cards. Remember: these tips are just that–tips–and nothing more. To get through this, remember that patience is everything!

It can be frustrating when companies reject you for just not having enough time on your credit report.

The important thing is to know what to do: identify what experience matches their requirements and has other benefits, then apply for it.

If you tell them about your income and financial history, it will be easier for them to trust you with a credit card application.


There are five steps to apply for a credit card, so it’s important to go through each one carefully.

Before you start, make note of some things about yourself that will be significant later in the process.

If you don’t have this information in front of you when applying for a credit card, find some from your credit report or on your own personal financial statements.

​Do you have a limited credit history? Don’t worry – is here for you!


You’ll get your free annual credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. Lenders may be able to see less details on your credit report than you expect, which could be a good thing if you’re applying for loans or other loans.

When looking for a card, it’s important to identify all the factors that can determine which credit cards are right for you.

For example, there are certain rules issuers place on their credit cards, such as the Chase 524 rule. This rule states that if you’ve opened five or more personal credit card accounts across all issuers within the past 24 months, and were automatically going to be denied a new chase credit card.

You’ll want to do your best to avoid this in the application process by learning about yourself and ignoring these rules; this includes things like what type of spending habits you have and your overall credit score.

Sometimes when it comes to credit cards, one of the hardest parts can be identifying a plan that works for you.

That’s where we come in. We’ll walk you through different options and help you find one that’s personalized, exciting, and fits your spending habits.

If you’re just starting out on your journey towards building a solid credit history, now is the time to apply for some credit cards that are designed for beginners.

Managing credit cards is a meticulous and painstaking process, but there are key factors to think about when submitting your application for this type of card.

In these cases, think about what type of credit is shown on your credit report, how many cards you’ve applied for recently, and how much personal information the bank wants from you.

As you can see in the example below, a lower income makes it difficult to qualify for certain premium cards because the banks don’t want to extend too much credit that’s not at an appropriate limit.

As a credit card issuer, Chase only wants to approve applicants who meet their credit and spending requirements.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your finances so that you can better understand if the Chase Credit Card is the right choice for you.

If your application does need further review, and you’re let know after a few days, sit back and relax! You’ll likely get approved hassle-free.

It can be tempting to call the reconsideration line as soon as you’ve been denied, but that isn’t always how it works.

If you wait for a few weeks or longer, then make your phone call and explain your case. You have a better chance of being granted after a short break than over the long-haul.

Citi® Double Cash Card
Citi® Double Cash Card

For example, when I got my first business credit card with Chase, I called them after waiting four or five weeks (three was already too long) and they approved me immediately!

So don’t be afraid to hold off on making your decision if you aren’t quite ready yet. Just contact us via email or chat once you’re ready.

Telephone reconsideration numbers for the Credit Card company are not yet available, but you can always speak with a Customer Service representative directly.

It’s a good idea to call before the 30 days are up so you won’t have to wait another month to apply again and deal with the application rejection.

You might get different answers when speaking with an actual representative, but that would be ideal if you believe that your business deserves a credit card because it can be harder to get denials reversed when they’re due to specific rules set by a credit card issuer.

If you plan to request a reconsideration line, look at the other cards on your credit report and make sure you mention any positive aspects of your credit.

For example, if you have a card with a $5,000 limit and one with a $2,500 limit, mention that in addition to your account always being closed on time.

Plus, be nice because you’re talking to another person with the power to grant or deny your request. Mistakes happen, but by being polite and respectful it’s easier for them to approve your request for a reconsideration line when mistakes might otherwise lead to an automatic denial.

Your responsible credit utilization if you have these things, and you can even mention why you want that specific credit card with its features that really fit your spending habits.

But I would suggest that you don’t talk about the sign-up bonus because really that’s just all the value that’s given to your customer, and the credit card company doesn’t care if you really want this card just to earn an extra 200 bucks- it’s also a good idea to bring up how this card works much better for you than some similar cards from other credit card company competitors.

Talking about competition and why you prefer to use these company’s products over another company’s is a good thing especially if you already have a good reputation for previous credit card usage now in the end some reasons for denials are going to be easier to get denied but again, I think that for spending a few minutes on the phone it’s worth the effort to try to at least get approved and most people will never try this way– some people just allow these denials happen and then they forget about them but I’d rather try to get approved because I only apply for cards that i think I deserve to have anyway based on what we went through here.

Is anyone familiar with the reconsideration Line? I’ve just created a video to share what my experience has been like when it comes to credit card denials.

Have you ever had your credit card denied, or had it reversed? Comment down below and let me know about your experience, and if you are in the application process for a new credit card, make sure to check out this video here!

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