Decorative plants add life to any room. Use shelves, hanging planters, or multiple mirrors to create a dynamic space. Hanging plants is an inexpensive way to add more greenery. Art is a great way to add a personal touch. Choose pieces that reflect your personality.

Incorporating multiple mirrors can really bring your living room together. You can also use a chandelier as accent lighting. Read on for more living room decoration tips.

Plants add life

If you want to bring nature indoors, plants can help. If your home is modern, try using a big, bold monstera plant. These low-maintenance plants are easy to care for, and thrive with little attention. If you’re not a fan of houseplants, use a faux plant instead.


It’s just as beautiful and makes the same impact. But remember to keep the plant in a shaded area or in partial shade if you want it to stay in good condition.

Plants on shelves

If you are decorating your living room, one great way to add greenery is by adding plants on shelves. But that doesn’t mean you have to design the shelves as plant shelves. You can use plants to add visual texture to the area, such as trailing ones.

For a more low-maintenance approach, consider purchasing a high-quality artificial plant. Although framed family photos are a classic choice for living room shelves, you can also consider art prints or wall-mounted pots.

Hanging planters


For those who love greenery, hanging planters are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to a room. These decorative items are versatile and can be used on a regular basis. The style and design of hanging planters can be varied, too.

For example, you could choose a large frame that hangs above your dining room table, and fill it with lush greenery that spills down to the table below. You could also hire a professional designer to make you a hanging planter to match the rest of your decor.

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Multiple mirrors

Using multiple mirrors in your living room decoration opens up a variety of creative decorating options. Asymmetrical placement, mirrors placed in alcoves, or a gallery wall are all great ways to add a relaxing and calming effect to the space.

Mirrors can also open up a room and reflect natural light, which can make the room appear larger. Remember to space them evenly along the wall. Here are some tips on how to use multiple mirrors in your living room decoration:


Rugs are one of the most important aspects of home decor, and for good reason. Aside from being comfortable underfoot, they have a number of practical benefits. They absorb sound and soften footfall, which can significantly reduce heating bills.

They can also help tie together a color scheme and define zones within the room. And there are literally thousands of ways to use a rug in your living room decoration. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of rugs and how they can work for you.


Whether you want a simple candle in a jar or a multi-tiered candle garden, candles are an essential decorative item for any living room. They look lovely on their own, but are also versatile enough to complement a variety of other decor items.

Candles also look great on trays, vases, candle holders, and hurricanes. Whether you choose a classic or contemporary style, candles will enhance any room.

Organizing storage

To keep your living room clutter-free, organize your storage. By utilizing storage furniture, you can trade unwanted items and replace them with new ones.

One of the most popular pieces of storage furniture is the storage ottoman, which offers many uses. With this piece of furniture, you can easily store a variety of toys and other items. In addition, you can also make use of built-in shelves to store books, vases, candles, and plants.


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