Round bedside table: tips for choosing and inspiring

The round bedside table is one of those pieces of furniture that you can’t give up. Just being without her in the room will soon miss her. The bedside table is a true companion throughout the night.

The round bedside table is one of those pieces of furniture that you can’t give up. Just being without her in the room will soon miss her. The bedside table is a true companion throughout the night.

You can place your glasses, cell phone, book and glass of water on it. Not to mention that the round bedside table makes all the difference in the decoration of the environment, making the room more cozy and, of course, beautiful.


But if you are still in doubt whether or not to invest in this remarkable little one, keep following the post with us because we have many tips to share with you.

How to choose the round bedside table

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Despite being a simple piece of furniture, the round bedside table needs to fit within some basic requirements so that it is able to meet your needs and expectations. See the tips:



There is no standard height for bedside tables, including round ones. But it’s worth common sense when choosing yours.

This means that it should be at the height of the mattress, so that you can easily reach it by stretching your arms.

Top size


Round bedside table top size is another dilemma. Here, the important thing is that you evaluate your needs and the space available in the room.

A small room should have a proportionally sized table, the same goes for a large room.

Other than that, the bedside table should be big enough to accommodate your personal items. If space is not enough, then the tip is to bet on a model with drawers.

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The round bedside table is an important decorative element in the bedroom, but it is, above all, a very functional piece of furniture.

Therefore, do not despise this feature when choosing the table. Analyze your needs and find a model that is capable of meeting them.

Another important point is that the bedside table should not interfere with the functionality of the environment. She can’t block the way, restrict access to a bed or block a hallway, for example.


There are many options for round bedside table materials on the market.

The choice between one and the other depends on your personal taste and the decorative style of the room.

Solid wood models, for example, are perfect for boho, rustic or classic style rooms.

MDF versions, on the other hand, look great in modern rooms. Iron or metal tables combine with industrial aesthetic rooms.

There are also mirrored bedside tables, in glass and even with natural stone tops, such as marble. All of them harmonize very well with classic decorations and with a more sophisticated aesthetic.

ColorsThe colors of the bedside table also make a difference in the project, mainly because this furniture can be responsible for bringing a point of color and contrast to the decoration.

Tables in a neutral and light tone are ideal for classic or modern decorations, in a minimalist style, for example.

The colorful bedside tables match jovial and laid-back rooms.The bedside tables in dark and closed tones refer to a modern and sophisticated decor.

Round bedside table: 3 types that are successful

Small round bedside table

Small room, small table. This is a golden rule that, when followed to the letter, always works.

And despite being small, the bedside table can be functional and meet all your expectations, as there are models equipped with drawers and niches that meet all the need for space.Round bedside table with drawer

Speaking of space, the round bedside table with drawer is a great solution for those who need more storage space.

You can take advantage of this extra space to organize everyday documents, keys and a pad or notebook.

Simple round bedside table

The simple round bedside table is the one for those who have little to organize and just need a support during the night.

Usually these tables have a shape very similar to a high stool, with only the legs and top.

Round retro bedside table

Another model that is very successful out there is the round retro bedside table.

With stick feet and brighter colors, this type of table matches even the most modern rooms.

But if you want to go a step further, consider a vintage nightstand. That is, an original copy that has survived time.

To highlight it in the environment, it is worth betting on a new color or some type of coating.