String rug: step-by-step decorating tips

Warm, cozy and inviting, the string rug adds charm and beauty to any corner of the house. The string rug has gained more modern readings in recent times, becoming the darling model of trend decorations, such as boho and Scandinavian styles.

Warm, cozy and inviting, the string rug adds charm and beauty to any corner of the house. The string rug has gained more modern readings in recent times, becoming the darling model of trend decorations, such as boho and Scandinavian styles.

Another advantage of the string rug is that you can make it yourself, using simple materials and a well-explained step-by-step, like the ones you will see in this post here. Check out.


String rug: materials needed

The string rug is produced using the crochet technique. Therefore, you will only need the string, scissors and needle.

The size of the needle will depend on the thickness of the string used. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the thread, the larger the needle and the finer the thread, the smaller the needle.

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When in doubt, just look at the manufacturer’s instructions on the back of the wire package.


And the graph? The graphic is not always necessary, especially if the chosen string rug only brings simple stitches.

The use of the graphic is recommended for more elaborate works with drawings and varied points.

If you are new to the technique, prefer the simplest string rug models and then move on to the more worked ones.

Types of string rug and how to use it in decoration

Rectangular string rug

The rectangular string rug is one of the most used. Its versatility is enormous, as it can be used both as a treadmill in the kitchen and as a rug on the side of the bed.


Depending on the size, the rectangular rug still fits in the bathroom and toilet and even under study and work tables.

Square string rug

The square string rug, in turn, is suitable for larger areas with more space.

In this case, it can be used in the center of the living room or under the dining table.

The outdoor area is another interesting place to bet on a square string rug, if you have the space.

Round twine rug

Delicate and with a romantic air, the round string rug is the face of children’s rooms, but it also fits very well in living room centers and under dining tables.

Unlike the square rug, the round rug ends up being more suitable for smaller areas, creating a greater sense of space in the environment.

Oval twine rug

The oval twine rug is a middle ground between round and rectangular. But, while the rectangular model adapts to modern environments, the oval shape is perfect for spaces with a more classic aesthetic.

Use this string rug model on the side of the bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Half moon string rug

Another model of string rug that is always successful is the half moon. It is perfect to use in the entrance of the house close to the door, in the kitchen cupboard or next to the bed.

The important thing is that it has a wall or obstacle that it can be leaned against to form the half moon and stand out in the environment.

Raw, embroidered or colored?

The most used string rug is undoubtedly the raw color, an almost beige tone, very light.

However, there are other very beautiful string rug versions out there, such as embroidered and colored ones.

And which one to choose?

To solve this dilemma, look at your surroundings. Which style predominates? Is he modern? Rustic? Classic?

Modern environments combine with raw string rugs or in neutral colors, such as black, gray and closed shades of blue, for example.

A rustic environment, on the other hand, is even more charming with a string rug in an earthy tone, such as mustard, moss green or even the natural raw tone.

The classics already fit better with more detailed string rugs and in colors such as beige, brown and shades of Off White.

But if the intention is to use a crochet rug in the children’s room, then don’t hesitate and go straight for the colorful options, with two or even more colors.

In this case, it is also worth betting on models of string rug in different formats, such as hexagonal, stars and with the silhouette of animals.

How to make a string rug

Want to learn how to make a string rug? So come see the tutorials that we separate below and start separating thread and needle.

How to make an easy rectangular string rug

The rectangular string rug is the most versatile and popular. Therefore, learning how to make this rug model is the starting point for the production of other more elaborate types.

In fact, the model also needs to be on your list, especially if the intention is to make parts to sell. Check out the tutorial and learn step by step:

How to make a kitchen twine rug

The kitchen twine rug needs to be made with a thicker, stronger thread that can withstand constant washing.

The rectangular model is also the favorite here, full of charm and made with raw string. Watch the step by step and learn how to do it:

How to make a string rug for the bathroom

The twine rug is a sweetheart in bathrooms. It can be used alone or in a kit, as the following tutorial suggests.

In addition to the mat, the kit includes the toilet mat and the toilet cover. You can even make the toilet paper holder yourself and leave everything matching.

Learn how to make this string rug model and make your bathroom even more beautiful:

How to make an oval string rug

Do you want to learn now how to make an oval and colored string rug? Then watch the step by step below.

The rug can be used in the entrance hall, kitchen or bathroom as the video suggests.

How to make a children’s string rug

There is still no cuter rug for a children’s room than the string models. They are cozy, soft and warm, making the room much more comfortable and functional for the child.

And among the many models out there, we have selected the following tutorial that you can use for both boys and girls. It is still possible to change the color composition, customizing the rug as you prefer.